Our Academic Partner

The Northern Culture All Party Parliamentary Group is delighted to announce that Northumbria University has been chosen as the Inquiry’s academic partner.

The University will play a key role in the Inquiry – helping to facilitate the exchange of ideas between academics, cultural organisations and MPs, with the aim of informing future policy and decision making.

Professor Katy Shaw, Director of Cultural Partnerships at Northumbria University will co-author the APPG’s Inquiry report

“When you think of the North, the first images that shine brightest in your mind are of its culture – the angel of the North, the sculpture of Henry Moore, the music of Manchester, the art of Sheffield, the film and television shows produced in Yorkshire, and all the amazing community cultural projects that grow from across our cities and city regions.

The North has always been a Powerhouse for Culture. But in recent decades the cultural sector and the North of England have been doubly disadvantaged by legacies of deindustrialisation, and most recently by a global pandemic that has hit the North and the arts most profoundly. To go forward today, we must get up off our knees together.

As a proud Northerner, it is an honour to co-author the report from this inquiry.

This inquiry will recognise the capacity of culture to build innovative foundations for a new vision of the North in the C21st. The inquiry offers a vital opportunity to think about how we work together to build the sustainable creative skill sets in education, the infrastructure in capital build and digital connectivity and the culture of participation and inclusion across the many and varied geographies of our regions that we need to super charge the North as a cultural powerhouse fit for the future.

And that means listening to a diverse range of voices and ideas. The strength of the North lies in its diversity. We need to hear from all of our cultural sectors – the comedians and the ballerinas, the fine artists and the dramatists, the performers and the producers, the directors and the audiences – this inquiry wants to sing new songs and tell new tales about a future North – and it is your voices that we need to represent. I am really looking forward to hearing evidence from right across the cultural sectors of the North over the next six months.”

The Northern Culture APPG is kindly supported by our leading sponsor the University of Huddersfield, Academic Partner Northumbria University, Founding Partner The Old Courts and Northern Culture Club members Counterculture, Curious Minds and CT Consults.

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