Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 15th March 2022, the Northern Culture APPG held their Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Julie Elliott MP (Co-Chair) welcomed everyone and acknowledged the success of NC APPG’s
‘The Case for Culture Report’. Julie Elliott, talked about the impact that the report has had,
including the recent announcement by DCMS, to provide £75 million by 2025 to places which
have been culturally under-served in the past.

The following officers of the Northern Culture APPG have confirmed that they wish to remain
as officers and were re-elected unopposed:

  • Co-Chair: James Daly MP
  • Co-Chair: Julie Elliott MP
  • Vice-Chair: Alex Sobel MP
  • Vice-Chair: Jason McCartney MP
  • Secretary: Tony Lloyd MP

The following Parliamentarians had put their names forward to become Officers. All were
nominated and duly elected unopposed:

• The Most Rev and the Rt Hon the Lord Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell – N/A
• The Rt Rev the Lord Bishop of Leeds, Nicholas Baines – N/A
• Lord Storey CBE – Liberal Democrats

It was agreed that DevoConnect, Secretariat, NC APPG would continue as the Secretariat and
named contact for the Northern Culture APPG.

You can read the NON-VERBATIM MINUTES in full below:

NC APPG Minutes – AGM (March 2022)