We are delighted to be launching the Northern Culture All-Party Parliamentary Group’s second inquiry: A Question of Sport? An Inquiry into the cultural value of sport to the North’s cities, towns and communities.

Our first inquiry was enormously successful. The Case for Culture: Levelling Up Northern Culture Report made a clear case to Government for culture to be the centre of levelling up, and Government listened – almost £70 million was announced to invest in culture outside London. It achieved cross-party consensus on the need to level up Northern Culture and deliver greater access, investment and equal opportunity for the North’s rich seam of talent and provided a blueprint for how the North can rebuild cultural confidence, adapt and become more resilient and develop new audiences for culture.

The Northern Culture APPG’s second inquiry will look specifically at the major role sport plays across the North in terms of shaping the region’s cultural identity and value.

Speakers will be discussing these key questions:

  1. What is needed to boost the cultural value of sport and build stronger communities across the North? 
  2. How much more cultural value could sport add to levelling up opportunities and access to culture?
  3. How can sport drive cultural value, identity and diversity and contribute to the North’s rich seam of talent and grow the North’s economy?

We are holding a launch of the session of the 15th June, 10-11 via Zoom. Please register on Eventbrite here.